Welcome to TigerLily Holistic Wellness for birth & beyond!

I’m delighted that you’re here. Whether you’re preparing to conceive, pregnant, getting ready to give birth, or transitioning to life with your new baby, I have something for you.  Nowhere near the stork’s neighborhood? That’s okay–I’m here to serve you, too. Every woman deserves to feel empowered, healthy, happy, and whole. TigerLily Holistic Wellness is dedicated to nurturing & celebrating your inner goddess!

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Love the life you live–wherever you are on your journey!

Planting the seed:

Some of our services include consulting and coaching for conscious conception, Reiki and energy medicine for fertility and optimal well-being throughout pregnancy, yoga, & intuitive sessions for optimal fertility and communicating with the soul that is to be your baby.

The seeds that will bloom tomorrow are planted today! I’m here to offer you life-changing tools to help you on your path of living your most joyful, healthy, and radiant life.

Are you ready to start living the life you’ve imagined?   I can help!


You’ll love our Sacred Pregnancy classes for expectant moms! Prenatal yoga classes will be coming soon to the Boulder and Denver communities.


Hypnobabies ® Childbirth Education classes are a wonderful way to prepare for a more relaxing, peaceful, and easier birth. Join us for this highly successful, comprehensive 6-week childbirth education series that will help you calm fears and prepare for your natural birth with confidence and joy! Looking for exceptional birth doula services with a highly skilled and experienced natural birth specialist? Birth is a key life passage for women–celebrate the mama-to-be with a Blessing Way ceremony to honor, encourage, and support her!  In addition to the 8-week Sacred Pregnancy classes, we also offer the fabulous 4-week Birth Journey classes.  If you are at the end of your pregnancy and want a special place for you and your partner to connect to discuss important birthing topics as you dance, run or confidently walk through your Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother…Then you NEED Sacred Pregnancy BIRTH Journey classes!


Reiki, Placenta Medicine (including placenta encapsulation), gentle restorative yoga, postpartum doula care, traditional postpartum belly binding, and hypnosis for helping heal are beautiful and unique ways to help mamas restore their vibrant energy after giving birth.

If you feel even a little bit curious about any of the ways in which I can help nurture you, please contact me. I would love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by and please check back for updates.

Blessings on your journey,